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Holiday Special!

For a Limited Time Only, You Can Receive 2 Hours of FREE Work by Signing up with a Minimum of 10 hours. Try us out for 10 hours of work with no commitment for Only $199. If you are unsatisfied for any reason you may cancel, but we don't think you will!

We now offer weekly and bi-weekly billing that includes your detailed invoices. Only $199 to get started and you get 10 hours plus 2 FREE hours of real estate support service.

1) Choose a service option below
2) Make your payment
3) Email us for confirmation and to schedule a call
4) Speak with a Specialist and get started!

Billing occurs every week, bi-week or month, depending on which billing option you choose. You will receive a detailed billing statement at the end of billing cycle. Payment is due within 2 days. For example:

Monthly Option:

Sign-up Day: August 15th
Services good through: August 15 -September 15th
Next Billing Date: September 15

At the end of every billing cycle, if you have hours that are not used they will be added to your account. You may request at any time to use any unused hours in your account. If you exceed your subscription hours, you will need to purchase the next Option level and you will be billed the remainder of hours on the following invoice.

Weekly Options (You receive and pay our invoices on a weekly basis)
Option A: 10 hours per week = $200
Option B: 20 hours per week = $400
Option C: 30 hours per week = $600
Option D: 40 hours per week = $800

Bi-Weekly Options (You receive and pay our invoices the 15th and the last day of every month)

Option A: 20 hours bi-weekly = $400
Option B: 40 hours bi-weekly = $800
Option C: 60 hours bi-weekly = $1200
Oprion D: 80 hours bi-weekly = $1600
Monthly Options: (You receive and pay our invoices the last day of every month)
Option A: 40 hours per month = $800 (Approximately 10 hours per week)
Option B: 80 hours per month = $1600 (Approximately 20 hours per week)
Option C: 120 hours per month = $2400 (Approximately 30 hours per week)
Option D: 160 hours per month = $3200 (Approximately 40 hours per week)

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